Proofing Solutions

Our Proofing Solutions are all set up to match industry Standards such as SWOP / GRACOL / TROO1 and/or a specific Press or other custom target. We can implement an unlimited # of color targets all to one printer with no opportunity for operator error.

Each setting applied by Color Correct Solutions is guaranteed to be accurate to target by human eye in light booth. Measured by spectrophotometry verifying LAB values under a delta e of 2 to target. As well as measured by densitometer verifying accurate to target density under a delta e of 2. CCS"s ability to mimic color this accurately is amazing. Enabling the customer to verify results the three ways possible by: eye, spectral values and density values and quality control accordingly is unprecedented. No other Provider can offer this level of Color Accuracy. And we can offer it to anyone any anywhere.

We support every PostScript™ Based, Raster Based, Vector based, Spot Color based and OPI based workflow from any application and any Operating System Environment.

Even Proprietary systems, such as: Creo/Scitex, Agfa, Barco, Xinet, Artworks PCC, Rampage, Heidelberg, Dalim…and the rest.

Our Spot Color Support is unprecedented with the ability to accept the name your applications give the color and the ability to match any Pantone™ colors or any other custom spot color that is in the color space of your output device. See recommend spot color devices

Cost Effective Digital Inkjet Based Contract Proofing
Cost Effective Digital Imposition
Traditional Analog and/or Digital Dot Based

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